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Excellent. Concise and the the point, thank you.

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Horrified by that photo -- smiling...

Women are truly unsafe in such barbarous conditions.

But if TRAs in more liberal countries are to be challenged on fallacious appropriation of the term "unsafe", then the legitimacy of the right to "feel" safe must be questioned too: as any kind of argument against trans expropriation of women's rights not just to "feel" safe but to BE safe. Particularly in the women-only spaces now being legally invaded by all males, to prevent discrimination against trans-identified males. This offers predators easy opportunities for sexual assault.

ONS stats (England & Wales) 2019:

99% of sex offenders are male

88% of victims are female

48% of trans-identified male prisoners are convicted sex offenders

Compared with:

18% of all male prisoners are sex offenders

3% of all female prisoners are sex offenders.

Can women and children now forced to use desegrated toilets & changing rooms in schools (which girls refuse to use, & become dehydrated waiting to get home), leisure centres (where sexual assaults have increased), stores (where men masturbate & ejaculate on clothes taken in to try on), cafes, theatres (being boycotted by horrified patrons) etc either "feel" or actually "be" safe?

Clearly, no.

There are also photos circulating on Twitter of numerous men convicted in the US (where "gender neutral" changes happened earlier than in the UK) for using smartphone cameras under or over partitions dividing toilet cubicles, to film women undressing.

It appears to be still largely unknown to politicians and the general public how much of the trans phenomenon is based on male sexual fetishism and deviance. A range of associated paraphilias (which tend to cluster) extends to pedophilia, with pressure for its legalisation.

And even when alerted, politicians and the public do not want to know: because being branded as "transphobic" for acknowledging the reality of sex, is as much as (or more than) some are prepared to cope with. Unlike many more who have been captured and won't listen at all.

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It honestly makes my skin crawl when I hear self obsessed trans narcissists declare they are most oppressed people ever. They are truly revolting.

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How awful. Really powerful.

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i am appalled by this story. I will also write on it, once i recover from the shock of it all. Thanks for writing about Mona Heydari.

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